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BRIEF24 | Shylender Jindal, SKIL Travel: Success is a continuous journey requiring dedicated effort

  • SKIL Travel
  • 23 May 2024


Shylender Jindal, Managing Director & Founder, SKIL Travel, writes on invitation and exclusively for our special series BRIEF24.

Learnings and achievements from 2023; Inspiration for 2024

In 2023, a noteworthy trend in the travel industry emerged as individuals embraced a heightened awareness of life’s brevity. The realization that there’s only one life spurred a surge in proactive exploration of passions, education, and business interests.

This paradigm shift significantly accelerated people’s engagement with life, setting a new standard in the travel sector. The urgency to seize the day prompted widespread interest in discovering and pursuing personal and professional interests at an unprecedented pace.

Success stories from 2023: Looking back at 2023, our company experienced a pivotal moment as the market landscape evolved post-COVID. Removing less resilient players bolstered our market acceptance, leading to unique opportunities.

Notably, orchestrating a successful large-scale movement to Istanbul and securing a substantial project in Europe showcased India’s rising prominence as a global travel leader.

These achievements underscored our adaptability and capacity to thrive in the changing dynamics of the travel industry. Additionally, our post-COVID expansion into Flight + Visa services has positioned us as a one-stop solution for all travel requirements.

Learnings and realizations from 2023: In the post-COVID era, the travel industry underwent a significant transformation, recognizing the indispensable role of travel management companies.

Our elevation to a critical component in facilitating seamless travel marked a turning point. The acknowledgment that travel management is vital for successful individuals, mice, or group travel reflects a shift from the pre-COVID perception where such services were deemed superfluous, lacking a clear value proposition.

Recognizing the value these services bring has not only reshaped our industry perspective but has also become a driving force in our commitment to providing essential and value-driven travel solutions.

2023 highlights and takeaways: In the past year, observing the evolving preferences of the Indian traveler has been an intriguing experience. Notably, the impact of cultural events on economies, exemplified by Taylor Swift’s transformative “The Eras Tour,” showcases the substantial influence of art and sports on the travel industry.

The Swift effect has been a significant learning point, indicating that cultural phenomena can drive substantial economic benefits and reshape travel trends. These insights are expected to guide our strategies in catering to the dynamic demands of the ever-evolving travel landscape.

Looking at 2024: Anticipating 2024, we foresee a strengthened global integration with India, evidenced by four countries, including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Thailand, eliminating visa requirements.

This substantial change is poised to simplify travel for Indian citizens, signaling a broader shift in global dynamics. The anticipated ease of access to various destinations will necessitate enhanced local expertise and digital capabilities to cater to the evolving travel landscape.

Some advice: For anyone aspiring to excel in the industry, a crucial realization is that success is a continuous journey requiring dedicated effort and guidance from seasoned professionals. There are no shortcuts; seeking advice from experienced individuals at each career stage is instrumental in achieving sustained success.

In the dynamic travel landscape, professionals must remain mindful of the bottom line, recognizing its volatility and not taking success for granted. Adaptability and a keen awareness of industry trends are paramount for long-term success.

My Mantra for 2024: Strive for excellence by sourcing top talent with the right attitude, a crucial focus in navigating the service-driven travel industry.

My personal favorites from 2023

Campaign I liked in 2023: The Amul campaign, with its universal appeal, remained a standout in connecting with diverse audiences.

A book I liked in 2023: Elephants Can’t Dance by Louis Gerstner proved insightful, showcasing the transformative power of mindset and adaptability.

A show/movie that I liked in 2023: Amidst a busy year, unfortunately, left me with little time for movie indulgence.

My 2023 hobby-career connection: The exploration of diverse cultures continues to be a passionate hobby that significantly contributes to professional insights.



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