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Event Sales Manager

Job Description

  • Conducts short- and long-term planning and management for events and sales.
  • Develops and recommend the budget, marketing plans, and objectives and manages within those approved plans.
  • Maintains or exceeds budgeted sales and profits in all event areas.
  • Recommends, develops, and implements effective marketing plans for generating event revenues.
  • Evaluates each piece of event business to ensure business can be properly serviced.
  • Assembles creative and innovative event attractions based on internal capabilities or outsources to qualified vendors.
  • Trains, supervises, and works with event staff, to solicit and book banquet and catering functions, as well as the planning, merchandising and execution of the functions.
  • Leads event team to build long-term, value-based customer relationships that enable achievement of sales objectives.
  • Administers all phases of the event department, including but not limited to sales, planning, marketing, servicing, and administrative procedures.


  • Strong leadership and result driven.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Well-versed in MS Office
  • Self-motivated, and confident with a pleasant personality.
  • Strong strategic capabilities combined with creative tactical skills.


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