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How the Rise of Blended Travel Is Changing Our Behaviours, Industry Offerings

  • 11 January 2024

Blended travel, a recent trend in the forever-evolving travel industry, is changing how we see the world. This creative method, which blurs the boundaries between work and play, is changing the way we travel and upending the status quo of travel accommodations. Let's explore how our understanding of the travel business is evolving and how blended travel has become the ideal corporate travel solution for many.

The Essence of Blended Travel

Cohesively combining leisure and business travel on the same trip is known as blended travel or bleisure. The present-day travellers are mindfully blending and combining business and personal obligations without boundaries. They are no longer limited to tightly defined work or holiday periods. The need for a more flexible and all-encompassing approach to travel, which recognizes that business and play may coexist, is reflected in this change.

How is leisure Travel Becoming a Corporate Travel Solution?

Gone are the days when travelling for work constituted stringent deadlines, meetings, and just a couple of hours. Today, organizations are more driven towards presenting their employees a peaceful and productive sphere., blended travel plays a huge role in creating a sane space with its allowance for leisure in a business trip. Wondering how bleisure became such a big thing in the corporate sphere? SKIL corporate travel will explain how this has gained much attention:

Extensive Adoption and Awareness

Remember the bygone times when employees secretly added some extra time to their business travels without the knowledge of their employers or managers? Now, such instances are obsolete. Today, due to the reduced overall cost of travel and hybrid work models, there has been widespread adoption of blended travel. Employees can concentrate on both working and spending some extra time doing touristy things.

Flexible Schedules

Blended travel fosters a departure from hectic schedules. Travellers, in the present time, now relish the adaptability to extend business trips for leisure or weave work responsibilities into longer vacation stays. This flexibility facilitates a more personalized and delightful travel experience.

Workcation Trend

The idea of a workcation is developing from the more traditional vacation. People are picking travel locations that include both leisure and business services so they may work from home and take advantage of a change of scenery. As remote work grows in popularity, this trend is especially noticeable.

Authentic Experience

Experiences with authenticity are what blended travellers look for. They stay in places that offer a taste of local character and culture instead of generic business hotels. Due to this change, there is an increased demand for distinctive housing choices that provide a more immersive experience, such as boutique hotels and luxury hotels.

Leisure Enrichment

Meetings and boardrooms are no longer the exclusive settings for business travel. The focus of blended travel is on enhancing personal time while on business trips. Visitors can prolong their stay to take in the local cuisine, see historical sites, and partake in cultural events.

Impact on Industry Offerings

Flexible Accommodation Options

By providing flexible accommodation options, the hospitality sector is adjusting to mixed travel. By offering co-working spaces, high-speed internet, and amenities that facilitate remote work, hotels and serviced flats are meeting the needs of business travellers.

Work-Friendly Workspaces

Resorts and hotels are updating their spaces to make room for remote workers. Creating specific work areas on the property is one way to make sure that visitors can easily switch between work and play while they are visiting.

Integrated Booking Platforms

The emergence of mixed travel has accelerated the creation of integrated booking platforms. With the help of these platforms, travellers can easily arrange and reserve their leisure and business travel all in one location. Integrated platforms make planning easier by organising everything from travel and lodging to co-working spaces and local activities.

Integration of Technology

Taking into account the needs of blended travellers, technology is essential. Modern technology is being used by hotels and transport providers to improve the visitor experience. Contactless check-ins, virtual concierge services, and effective connectivity for demands related to remote work are examples of this.

Destination Marketing Shift

In an effort to draw in more diverse travellers, destinations are reassessing their marketing tactics. It is now important to highlight a destination's distinctive mix of business and leisure activities. Urban areas are marketing themselves as places where people may work, offering a flourishing business environment, outdoor recreation opportunities, and a lively cultural scene.

SKIL Corporate Travel is a pioneer in the realm of blended travel for corporate clients, expertly merging work and play. Customised travel schedules guarantee a well-balanced combination of work-related obligations and restorative activities. By emphasising adaptability, SKIL Travel turns business travel into a whole experience that boosts wellbeing and productivity for a genuinely enriching trip.

The popularity of mixed travel signifies a profound change in our understanding of and interactions with the outside world. Travellers are adopting a more flexible and integrated approach to their travels, unconstrained by strict divisions between business and play. This trend is forcing the travel industry to develop and adapt as it gains traction, paving the way for the smooth coexistence of work and pleasure.

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