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Comprehensive Guide to Accommodations for Business Travel

  • 21 May 2024

The hotel selection is crucial for a business trip because it lays the foundation for the whole trip. Comfort and functionality are particularly important for business travellers to be efficient and stay positive during their stay at the hotel. This document aims to highlight some of the available options for corporate accommodation, their strengths, weaknesses, and some factors that need to be considered while making a decision.

Understanding Corporate Accommodation Options

Corporate accommodation goes beyond what is known as commercial accommodation which focuses mainly on business travellers. Here's a breakdown of some popular choices:

1. Hotels

Hotels are quite popular as people get to find themselves in a familiar setting with numerous facilities such as restaurants, a fitness centre, and a business centre. They generally offer better service than budget hotels and are therefore ideal for short-term business accommodation especially if they are situated in a strategic business area. If you are looking forward to corporate accommodation Delhi, you will find a huge array of great hotels (from luxury to mid-budget). 

Advantages: Accessibility, choice of facilities, sense of comfort.

Disadvantages: Higher costs, less space, may not have a cosy ambience.

2. Serviced Apartments

These furnished accommodations are less commercial than hotels but have a somewhat different appeal. They have kitchenettes, sitting areas, and individual bedrooms, giving the dwelling a much more divided look and feel. This corporate accommodation Chandigarh or other cities would be suitable where the particular business venture requires several days; or for anyone who wants to cook his or her meals. 

Advantages: Larger, more residential, provides cooking amenities, cheaper in the long run if booking for multiple days.
Disadvantages: May not be equipped with all hotel facilities and services, and may not be situated in the heart of the city.

3. Corporate Housing

Furnished apartments are mostly run by corporate housing companies with the primary purpose of renting them to business people. Most of them have flexible lease agreements, thus being suitable for long-term planning projects or when relocating. These apartments might be situated within the neighbourhoods of people, this makes it easier to offer local environments that consumers can interact with in a more engaging way.

Advantages: Flexible terms, ready to move in, commonly found in neighbourhoods with residences.

Disadvantages: Fewer demands, could be detached from business hubs.

4. Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels provide a more personalised experience by combining comfort and style. They are frequently smaller than standard hotels, emphasising high-quality amenities and personalised service.

Advantages: This includes a unique environment, personalised service, and upmarket amenities.

Disadvantages: This includes higher expenses, limited availability, and potentially fewer corporate amenities.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Corporate Accommodation

1. Trip Duration

Hotels may be suitable for short-term stays. For longer visits, serviced apartments or corporate housing can be more affordable and comfortable.

2. Location

Consider the proximity of your business meetings and desired amenities. Centrally placed hotels may be more convenient for short visits, whilst residential neighbourhoods may be more suited for longer stays.

3. Budget

Hotels are more expensive per night than serviced flats or business housing for extended visits.

4. Amenities

Hotels often include a variety of amenities such as gyms and laundry services, whereas serviced flats and corporate housing may require more planning.

Beyond the Room: Additional Considerations

Corporate Accommodation Booking

Use a reliable corporate travel agency, such as SKIL Travel. They have access to a broader selection of corporate lodging options and can negotiate lower prices for your business trips.

Corporate Taxi Service Provider

Many corporate accommodation alternatives in cities such as Delhi and Chandigarh may not be located directly in the core business districts. Working with a reputable corporate cab service provider may ensure your punctual arrival for meetings and appointments. As we speak of corporate cab service, Cabi by SKIL stands in the first place. With years of experience, Cabi offers luxury cars along with expert chauffeurs at standard prices. 

SKIL Travel: Your Partner for Corporate Accommodation

SKIL Travel is a top corporate hospitality agency with a strong presence throughout India. We understand business travellers' specific needs and provide a wide selection of corporate accommodation options, including hotels, serviced apartments, and corporate housing. Our trained professionals will work directly with you to determine your individual needs, budget, and trip details. 

We negotiate the best rates on your behalf and ensure that you have a pleasant and productive stay in whichever location you visit on business. With SKIL Travel as your partner, you can concentrate on meeting your business objectives while we handle the logistics of your corporate accommodations.

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