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Top 10 Challenges in Selecting a Corporate Travel Agency

  • 12 April 2024

Corporate travel is an indispensable tool for facilitating cooperation, closing agreements, and growing your company's reach in the fast-paced business world of today. However, it can be difficult to navigate the world of corporate travel agencies (CTAs), also known as travel management companies (TMCs) or company travel management providers, in India. Selecting the best partner for corporate travel India necessitates thoughtful consideration of varied perspectives. Here, we examine the top 10 difficulties you could run into while choosing an Indian corporate travel agency. 

This blog is developed by an expert in the hospitality industry, namely, SKIL Travel. In this write-up, you will come across some of the common challenges experienced by top hospitality companies.  

1.Associating with the Top Company Travel Management Company

There is a reason why organizations are after the top corporate travel agencies. These agencies hold years of exposure in addressing the most demanding of concerns - last-minute flight changes, demand for specific seats, finicky passengers, visa application issues, payment issues, and so on. For instance, SKIL Travel, the best corporate travel India agency, has consistently worked on offering seamless travel experiences by adhering to even the littlest of concerns. At SKIL, you will come across a diverse array of services covering visa assistance, luxury cab bookings, travel bookings, flight bookings, and more. 

Therefore, associating with an adept corporate travel management company will only prove beneficial for the whole corporate trip since they know the art of management. 

2.Uncovering the Hidden Costs

Second on the list of challenges faced while selecting travel management companies is uncovering the hidden costs. How many trips do you generally pursue for work each year? Which travel places and travel methods are your favourites? Have you thought about a budget? After you have a clear understanding of what you need, you can look more closely at the various pricing schemes of corporate travel agencies. Although many agencies provide cheap rates that look appealing, the cost can quickly spike due to concealed fees for items like last-minute alterations, help with visas or travel insurance. Before choosing a choice, make sure you obtain a thorough explanation of every possible expense.

3.Minimizing Travel Costs

One of the biggest struggles of corporate travel agencies is figuring out a way to reduce travel costs. But, the issue with corporate travel is, the overall cost keeps on expanding. Numerous factors lead to budget overspending. Firstly, the employees might not be coming across affordable travel options. Secondly, even if they are getting it, they are willing to book it. Some additional reasons can be last-minute bookings and vague travel policies. 

The solution to this is associating with reputed corporate travel agencies who offer advanced features facilitating cost control. The top agencies always have access to LCCs or low-cost carriers, and employees can choose from numerous affordable options.  

4.Are Technology and Innovation Both Leveraged?

The travel industry is always changing, and corporate travel management may be made much more efficient with the use of technology. Seek out a travel management company that provides your staff with an easy-to-use online booking tool. Travel policy compliance checks, real-time spending tracking, itinerary management, and frictionless booking should all be possible with this platform. 

Does the CTA have a mobile app for access while on the go? Is their technology compatible with the platforms you now use for expenditure management? Choosing a partner with a strong technological background will boost productivity and improve employee travel experiences.

5.Global Network

A strong worldwide network is essential for businesses that require employees to travel abroad frequently. Does the corporate travel agency have solid international relationships with airlines, accommodations, and vehicle rental companies? Can they provide consistent service in various regions at competitive rates? A strong worldwide network guarantees access to an expanded array of travel alternatives and offers comfort in the knowledge that your staff will receive excellent support during their travels.

6.Ensuring the Safety of Employees

One of the main concerns with corporate travel is employee safety. Do the travel management companies (TMCs) have strong rules in place regarding their duty of care? Do they provide on-the-road emergency support to your staff around the clock? Can they offer up-to-date information on possible interruptions and security hazards in different places, as well as real-time travel alerts? Collaborating with a CTA that places a high priority on worker safety shows your business's dedication to its personnel.

7.Analytical Reporting: Comprehending Your Travel Expenses

Making decisions based on data is essential for maximising business travel costs. Does the travel management business give extensive analytics and reporting capabilities? You should be able to monitor travel trends, spot areas for cost savings, and examine employee travel habits with the help of these technologies. In order to maximise travel policies, negotiate lower prices with suppliers, and make sure you're getting the most for your money, this information can be quite helpful.

8.Personalisation and Adaptability: Meeting Your Specific Requirements

In business travel, a one-size-fits-all strategy is rarely effective. Seek out an Indian corporate travel service that addresses your unique requirements and provides a customised strategy. This could be specialised account managers who are aware of your company's travel needs and culture, pre-negotiated rates for commonly visited places, or personalised travel policies. Being flexible is essential. Can the CTA modify their offerings to account for unforeseen events or last-minute changes?

9.Sustainability: Abiding by Environmental Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, also known as CSR, is becoming more and more significant in today's environmentally conscious world. Does the travel agency provide environmentally responsible vacation options? Can they recommend carbon-offsetting initiatives or environmentally friendly lodgings or airlines that are carbon neutral as a means of transportation? Asserting your company's sustainability objectives in tandem with a CTA shows that you are dedicated to lessening your environmental impact.

10.Reputation and Reviews 

Spend some time investigating possible CTAs' reputations before deciding on one. Examine internet testimonials from other companies and trade journals. Seek advice from coworkers or businesses with comparable travel requirements. A solid reputation based on satisfied clients is a useful sign of the agency's dependability and calibre of service.

The effectiveness of your company's travel budget, employee happiness, and general business operations can all be strongly impacted by selecting the best corporate travel India agency. You may sort through the CTAs and choose a partner that best suits your business culture and travel requirements by carefully weighing these ten obstacles and doing extensive research. Recall that a successful partnership entails more than just making travel and hotel reservations. It's about developing a long-term partnership with a dependable and trustworthy travel specialist who puts your business's success first and ensures that your employees have a smooth travel experience. By working with the right partner, you can maximise corporate travel's potential and advance your company.

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