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6 Major Corporate Travel Management Challenges with Solutions

  • 18 April 2024

In the current business environment, corporate travel is a major factor in growth and collaboration. However, learning the ins and outs of business travel booking may be a difficult task, full of roadblocks that can put a burden on finances, annoy employees, and reduce overall productivity. This blog has been curated by SKIL Travel, an expert corporate hospitality in offering corporate travel solution ideas.   

Here, we examine 6 major challenges experienced in business travel booking and put forward effective fixes to make the trip more bearable for businesses and their travelling employees.

Challenge 1: Getting the Best Stock

It can be tedious trying to locate the best airline options, hotel accommodations, and vehicle rentals at the most affordable prices. Budget planes may offer low pricing but inconvenient layovers, whilst strategically located hotels may not be within your company's budget.

Solution: Work with a trustworthy corporate travel solution provider. These organisations use their excellent relationships with airlines, hotels, and car rental providers to negotiate exclusive prices and gain access to a wider selection of travel options that are tailored to your requirements. They also use sophisticated a corporate travel booking system that collects real-time data to identify the most cost-effective alternatives that strike a balance between comfort, convenience, and budget.

Challenge 2: Prolonged Reimbursement Procedures

Employees may find manual expense reporting and reimbursements inconvenient, and finance departments may find them logistically challenging. Employee resentment and bad morale might result from misplaced receipts and delayed refunds.

Solution: The reimbursement process is made simpler by utilising an integrated business travel booking solution. Employees can electronically submit their receipts using mobile apps, which makes expense reporting easier and guarantees quicker reimbursement.

Challenge 3: Cutting Travel Costs

Travel expenses can have a substantial impact on a company's bottom line. Unmanaged travel spending might result in extra costs due to inefficient booking procedures or a failure to implement travel policies.
Solution: Create a thorough travel policy including spending restrictions, preferred vendors, booking procedures, and specific instructions for incidentals. Negotiating business rates with airlines and hotels might help to reduce travel expenses. In addition, using data analytics supplied by business travel booking companies can help uncover trends and areas for cost savings. Analysing previous travel data can show possibilities to negotiate better bargains with favoured vendors or investigate alternative travel options such as low-cost airlines or budget-friendly hotels that fulfil your company's quality requirements.

Challenge 4: Integrating Core T&E Processes

Managing travel and expense (T&E) data in separate systems might result in data silos and reduce visibility into overall spending patterns. This makes it difficult to monitor trends, find cost-cutting opportunities, and calculate the return on investment (ROI) for corporate travel.

Solution: Look for corporate travel solutions Delhi (or your specific location) that include integrated trip booking systems that work well with existing expenditure management software. This centralised platform offers a comprehensive view of all T&E data, allowing for better reporting, cost analysis, and strategic decision-making.

Challenge 5: Safe Employee Travel

The safety of employees is still the top priority, especially when visiting other places. Employers have a moral and legal obligation to take reasonable steps to protect the safety of their workers during the whole travel experience, from the time they leave for the airport until they arrive home.

Solution: Collaborate with corporate travel solution providers offering employees travelling overseas with round-the-clock help, emergency assistance services, and real-time travel advisories. These services may include real-time information on possible safety hazards at the destination, legal support, and medical evacuation aid. This guarantees that your staff members will always have access to vital assistance, enabling them to deal with unexpected circumstances and strange surroundings.

Challenge 6: No Round-the-Clock Assistance

Emergencies or unplanned travel delays can happen at any time. Stress and difficulty solving problems can arise from limited access to support resources in certain circumstances.

Solution: Pick a business travel booking expert that provides round-the-clock customer service. This guarantees that workers, no matter where they are or what time zone they are in, may get help whenever they need it. Missed connections and misplaced passports are just two examples of travel disruptions. Having a solid support network can help your staff travel less stressfully and more smoothly.

SKIL Travel - Offering Excellent Corporate Travel Solutions 

In addition to being a corporate travel agency, SKIL Travel serves as a valuable strategic partner, helping clients navigate the challenges of corporate hospitality. They foresee difficulties and proactively provide solutions that are customised to your unique requirements. This is where they shine:

  1. Cost Optimization: SKIL Travel makes use of its connections in the industry to obtain special prices and work out flexible booking alternatives, guaranteeing affordable travel without sacrificing quality.

  2. Easy Booking and Expense Management: Their business travel booking solution streamlines reimbursements and saves important time by automating the booking process and integrating with expense management software.

  3. Duty of Care: SKIL Travel places a high priority on worker security. They guarantee a safe travel experience for your team by providing round-the-clock support, real-time travel warnings, and emergency assistance.

Data-Driven Insights: These insights are more than just reservations. SKIL Travel optimises your travel programme for long-term efficiency by using data analytics to spot cost-saving tendencies.

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